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At Weaver Inspirations fostering a love of literacy and writing  is our first goal but....

Our priority is inspiration. We want to inspire the children of our world today to dream, create, imagine and wonder. We would like to see that accomplished through literacy, a portal to the limitless expanses of the mind. But we think it's OK if we have fun doing other things too along the way. We have offered our Games Galore page to provide free online games that are fun and come with a challenge. The games will be rotated to keep things fresh so feel free to visit often. Please help us in our efforts to support literacy by joining our annual Salvation Army Book Drive, Colorado Book Swap or any of our events to find out what our latest partnership has us doing! Click here to shop now at our online store and see the  product listings at Weaver Inspirations.

Emily the Elephant Makes a New Friend

Reprint coming December 2017

Zoe the Zebra ~ Zoe la Cebra


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The Mudslide on Mars


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Garrett's Glorious Goblin Crystals


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Molly and the Magical Mask of Madrid

Coming August 2017

Sopapillas for Sophia

Coming July 2017


New Web Site!!

We have completely redesigned the Weaver Inspirations web site to offer our friends and customers the opportunity to learn more about us and our publications. The new web site offers some of the same fun activities as before with a few new surprises. Games, videos, contact forms, event calendars, an event request form, a contact …

About Us

Garrett's Goblin Front Cover-Web

Our Story

With a love of writing and a love of children, Weaver Inspirations was destined to become a reality. Through school visits, holiday events, book signings and local mall play-place powwows, one small brick after another was laid to establish what we are now delighted to call Weaver Inspirations. It has been quite the journey and we are so grateful to have our readers and our visitors. It is you who make this dream possible.

Meet the Team

We are a very diverse company that employs, elephants, frogs, editors, printers, artists, authors and web developers. We are pleased to introduce you to a few of our team below.

Charlie Frog


Charlie comes to us from the planet Mars having crash landed after stowing away on a ship sent to save Mars. He is celebrating his 5th anniversary with us and we are glad to have him as a part of the team.


William B Wizard

Dublin, Ireland

William comes to us from the lands far away and a time long ago. A relative of Merlin, William strayed from the tradition of supporting the local aristocrats. We are so very glad to have him on the team because of his quick wit and ability to light our bulbs without a cord. He was particularly helpful on the upcoming project “Molly and the Magical Mask of Madrid” coming to our readers Fall 2017.

Amy Weaver


Ms. Weaver discovered Charlie and Emily and we are so grateful for her imagination and dedication. I don’t think we could have done it without her.

Emily the Elephant


Emily comes to us from Africa after spending her childhood with her best friend Bo and her family. She has been with us for 14 years but just never seems to get any older. We love that childish spirit of hers.

Please come back to visit us as often as possible. We are always weaving new stories, popping up in new places and adding new Vlog content. We are very glad to have met you and look forward to seeing you again soon.