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With a love of writing and a love of children, Weaver Inspirations was destined to become a reality. Through school visits, holiday events, book signings and local mall play-place powwows, one small brick after another was laid to establish what we are now delighted to call Weaver Inspirations. It has been quite the journey and we are so grateful to have our readers and our visitors. It is you who make this dream possible.

Amy Garrett Weaver lives in Centennial, Colorado with her family. The Rockies have become home to them all with Colorado's beauty and spirit. After completing a Bachelor Degree in Computer and Information Science, Ms. Weaver pursued a successful career in Information Technology. Now, having left the corporate world, her focus is on raising, nurturing and enjoying her children. During her reading time with them, she recognized the need for children's books that encourage problem solving, teamwork, and self-confidence. Striving to help children embrace cultural diversity and to encourage knowledge of multiple languages she began publishing bilingually and released several publications in English and Spanish. After a short time, she discovered a passion for children's poetry and began several poetry series spinning off in all different directions. New publications are coming out all the time. Check back soon!

Our Approach

We believe all children have an amazing capacity to dream, envision and imagine. It is our goal at Weaver Inspirations, to give them the inspiration to discover that part of themselves. Whether it is staring at the sky and wondering about the mysteries of the universe, or formulating the next pharmaceutical miracle that will cure the world, the future is in their hands. At Weaver Inspirations, we believe it is our responsibility to enrich their minds and teach them to dream, to believe and to always have hope that tomorrow we be a better place.

Emily the Elephant Makes a New Friend

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Zoe the Zebra/Zoe la Cebra


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Zoe the Zebra

The Mudslide on Mars


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Garrett's Glorious Goblin Crystals


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Garrett's Glorious Goblin Crystals

Sopapillas for Sophia

Coming June 2019

Sopapillas for Sophia

Molly and the Magical Mask of Madrid

Coming September 2019

Molly and the Magical Mask of Madrid

Meet the Team

We are a very diverse company that employs, elephants, frogs, editors, printers, artists, authors and web developers. We are pleased to introduce you to a few of our team below.


Charlie the Frog


Charlie comes to us from the planet Mars having crash landed after stowing away on a ship sent to save Mars. He is celebrating his 5th anniversary with us and we are glad to have him as a part of the team.

Mr. Justin Danford

Illustrator and Artist

All around goofball and artist extraordinaire!! Justin recently joined us to illustrate Tiffany's Tofu which will be releasing April 2019. He comes to us from our beautiful city of Denver and has been an artist for many, many years studying independently and academically. We are very excited to have him on-board and giving life to Ms. Tiffany! 

Molly and the Magical Mask of Madrid

William B Wizard

Dublin, Ireland

William comes to us from the lands far away and a time long ago. A relative of Merlin, William strayed from the tradition of supporting the local aristocrats. We are so very glad to have him on the team because of his quick wit and ability to light our bulbs without a cord. He was particularly helpful on the upcoming project "Molly and the Magical Mask of Madrid" coming to our readers Fall 2019.

Mr. Robin Schneider

Artist, Illustrator, Photographer and now...Radio Deejay

 Mr. Schneider is larger than life! His passion to follow his dreams and to enjoy every day to its absolute potential is remarkable! He joined us for the Zoe the Zebra project and did a beautiful job! We look forward to working with him again on many projects in the future! 

Mr. Allen Wallace

Charity Event Partner

Mr. Wallace has a devotion to fitness and bodybuilding that would make Zeus blush and is a licensed massage therapist that leaves his clients feeling like they have ascended to Olympus themselves! Balance in life is very important to Allen to maintain his Zen lifestyle. One of the ways he achieves this is by being very active in the community offering free massage sessions and fitness startup classes. Weaver Inspirations participates at these events with free book readings, writing workshops and launch parties. We are extremely grateful to be partnered with Allen and Hands of Stone Massage Services.

Amy Garrett Weaver


Ms. Weaver discovered Charlie and Emily and we are so grateful for her imagination and dedication. As a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network Amy stays informed with industry news and updates and has the connections to keep us connected. With 5 books in print and publications in local area magazines, Ms. Weaver has proven expertise and finess when it comes to publishing. Her partnerships with Lena Archuletta Elementary, Connections Academy and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library keep her in touch with young readers and writers and give her the opportunity to mentor future authors and illustrators through writing workshops, art and composition contests and publication launch parties. It's never a dull moment with her but we are so glad for her drive and dedication!

Emily the Elephant


Emily comes to us from Africa after spending her childhood with her best friend Bo and her family. She has been with us for 14 years but just never seems to get any older. We love that childish spirit of hers.

Ms. Ashley Weaver

Social Media Marketing Manager

An amazing little lady, Ashley comes to us from the 1st star to the right and then on to morning. She has a drive that doesn't quit and a passion for entertaining little ones and working with the deaf community. Fluent in ASL she is an inseparable part of our team. She drives our marketing department with the agility and vision one would have to have to navigate a pirate ship to Never Land. She pops up in the most interesting of places!

 Mr. Freddy Chasi

Sales Manager

 Mr. Chasi comes to us all the way from Quito, Ecuador. After arriving in the states, Freddy didn't slow down in chasing his dreams. Attending college for his Bachelor's Degree in Business, he keeps piling up the certifications and coaching our sales team to be the best they can be!

Mr. Chris Brandt

Artist and Illustrator

Mr. Chris is a Colorado native that served his community for many years as a Police Officer before retiring to pursue his dream of Graphic Arts Design. He first joined us to give Garrett his red hair and freckles in Garrett's Glorious Goblin Crystals and his artistic translation of the goblin was over the top with the personality and expressions. We are so very grateful that he has stayed on-board to collaborate in new and upcoming projects! He keeps us laughing when the days get stressful and is quick to remind us that life is a journey meant to enjoy and celebrate. When any of us need a smile, Chris is there to make it happen!

Please come back to visit us as often as possible. We are always weaving new stories, popping up in new places and adding new VLog content. We are very glad for your visit and look forward to meeting you soon.

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